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(This is a guest post from the – an upcoming blog on dating advice. Zealus Web Design helped DDGuy with hosting and WordPress set up and, if they will not spend all earned money dating,  hopes to help get their web site more useful and pleasant.)

There is hardly anything older then human relationships. From the moment a Neanderthal man killed whatever animal he hunted down and first brought the corpse to the flock of women to impress them instead of just eating out alone – that was the dawn of dating. Little has changed since then, but what did change is the ability of us, men, to find ways of bringing our killed animal in front of as many women as possible. Corpses rot, so we had to go and hunt one more animal. Then one more again. When roaming from one woman to another with dead animal on our hands became too cumbersome – we invented photography and dating web sites. Now we can show off a picture of same animal to numerous women simultaneously, from the comfort of our chairs.

But being as manly as we are, we kept creating as many dating sites as we could possibly do, always thinking about “what if some of the women didn’t like this one”. What it boiled down to is that now we have drag ourselves to almost all the dating sites out there, just like we did in Neanderthal era, but with added comfort of our chairs and photography. So we decided to get up, stretch a little and take the woman who’s picture we like to the dinner out there. Little did we know about the wild wild world of dating that was awaiting outside. We’ve made mistakes. We’ve been sloppy. We’ve been ignorant. In responce women never told us what went wrong, it was always “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse.

Our goal at is to shed some light on what is going on behind the scene. What is she thinking about you? What are you doing wrong? How to capture the attention of the lady you are interested in. And, ultimately, how to create and maintain a respectful and romantic relationship. We are no cure for every problem out there, but we hope that we can help you avoid certain mistakes and pitfalls. We want to give you that little extra edge, a competitive advantage, if you will, to get what you want.

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