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First of all – I got rid of hoster that didn’t care to respond, clients found themselves a new home (I was loosing money on ASP hosting anyway) and everyone feels bad. Well, this is life, you get up and start all over again…

Great post on Blogspot by Chris Justus – he reverse-engineered Google’s JavaScript that takes care of Google Suggest… Very bright and interesting article…

Plans on the trip to Chicago are more real then I thought, hopefully I’ll fly there on a second week of January.

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Interested in possibly partnering with a new hoster? I’m the VP of Marketing & Business Development at SureHosting Internet Solutions, Inc. ( We provide custom hosting, email, and web application solutions for our customers. Some of our solutions are quite small, while others are for much larger clients. Our primary focus is to become our client’s technology partner, so if a client needs something, we’ll take care of it.

I’m quite interested in seeing what types of clients you deal with, and then discussing some sort of reseller agreement for you. There are a great number of cost-effective options we can offer you, and even more that we can create, if you need them.

I noticed that other hosting companies tend to be unreliable for you. Since reliability and customer service are two of our strong points, I would love it if you’d contact us.

Email if you’re interested. Thanks for your time!

Steve Burke

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