Offline-Online Promotion For Small Businesses – Part 2

Small business owners tend to make same mistakes, so it would be safe enough to assume that it wasn’t my other client only who thought he can get away with home-printed business cards. After all – he had a very good ink color printer and original ink, so it should be just a matter of getting a business card stock paper and aligning it in the printer properly. At least so the client thought.
Fortunately, he was stopped before ruining his reputation with such a rookie mistake. First of all – any person who held more then ten different business cards will be able to tell the difference. Home-printed cards, no matter how good the printer and the paper was, will never have a typography print feeling. Second – no matter how good you are with scissors and perforations, the edges will give you away.Of course, images we used on web site reprinted on the business cards with high-quality color print just swept prospective customers from their feet. Visiting client’s web site was a done deal.