Reusing Your Content

There is a huge number of posts on this blog that have a very high chance of never being read again. There is also a very high need to increase a PR, Alexa rank, Compete Rank and so on. There must be a way to reuse the content, at least that part of it that could be reused. So far I came up with the following tricks:

  • Posts that make sense apart from the blog – submit them to article databases
  • Posts that make sense without sponsored links – repost them once sponsorship expires
  • Posts that make sense apart from the blog – repost them to other web sites with backlinks to main blog. This could be guest posts or just reprints.
  • Posts by certain tag – mix them with posts from other blogs of similar nature to create new content-rich site.

Well, I have couple of more ideas as well. I will try them with Zealus Community Forums and will report on the progress. Most of this will be automated, so I won’t have to spend huge amount of time on that.