Outsource the outsourcing!!!

Was interviewing another programmer for a web programming job and he (with an atrocious smile) told me over ICQ that he already saw the project I was hiring him for. Basically what it boiled down to is someone I interviewed earlier tried to hire him to do the project for me. I wonder, how big a chain could be. I myself currently working for company (let’s call them TCS for story’s sake), which, in turn, got a referral from BGS (I made that up as well), that happen to be able to bid on one of the positions for ITS (another made up name) who headhunts for IT at the company that I work for. So it’s a small link – Me->TCS->BGS->ITS->The Company… Given the salary I get, I wonder what would be written on the check I receive (if nothing happens, ofcourse) every two weeks if we’d eliminate at least two middle men…

What happen to those nice guys from Russia who used to produce nice quality work you can trust? 95% of people that are applying for work are either just don’t have a clue or just want to scam a quick money. What surprises me is the blatancy that they offer their service with. Like for example – I gave on of the designer a test job, to see what he’s capable of. He brought me something he called “design“, that I was making when I was in kindergarten. I told him that “client didn’t like that, because it’s not even as good as a template”. His response was “Hmm… I thought it would suffice, but the client seem to be smarter then I thought”. Gee, I wonder what he was thinking to himself?

Alright, it’s getting dark and scary outside, so I’ll head to the subway. My mp3 player’s battery died, so I would have to sit and think of all the nice things I could’ve done if I had a little money to invest in my business… something around $100, 000… angel investors, where are you? 🙂