Outsourcing At Home

If you ever went to local BestBuy, or even swung by – you already know what Geek Squad is. What you, probably, not realizing is that it’s the simplest form of local outsourcing. Buying a computer? Let the Geek Squad member install it for you. But there are only that many squad members on dorky white-orange-black cars.For years your local computer techs have dominated this scene. It was cheaper to build your PC from parts by you local computer store then to buy one from one of the big-name merchants. With Dell hitting hard on prices local techs are all but extinct. I know because I used to be one of those “can you fix my computer” guys. With less waiting time on the phone with tech support and fast replacement turnaround it is now next to impossible to make any decent income (even supplemental) from those gigs. For small businesses, however, it may just not be the case. Services like GeekSquad or similar are in demand. For an office of a dozen people having their own tech guy is very expensive. However, when you need an upgrade for your network, replacement of some old computers while retaining the data or setting up a backup solution – teams like this are indispensable.

From my perspective – it is a good thing. It keeps jobs in USA.