Telemarketers On My Cell – No, They Didn’t!

We all got used to some extent to the marketers calling us at our homes, at the most inconvenient times. Now they started attacking our cell phones. Just couple of hours ago got a minute-long automated voice message advertising some sort of carpet cleaning service. A little further drilling shows that I was not alone – here you can find quite a few annoyed people. Some of them report that “phone number traces back to “Brooks Fiber Communication” farmingdale long island”, however, I am unable to verify this.

In the early days if FIDO network, when “modems ruled the world” some pranksters got back to annoying callers by establishing crash-poll sessions in their dialer software. What such session does is repeatedly call specified number until certain packet of information successfully received. I am pretty sure such activity is illegal (and if it is not – it should be), but as far as I am concerned – some telemarketers should be excluded from the protection of law.

Of course, if anyone would be using the services of such ill-advertised company I’d say it is quite unwise.