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Security threats

Somebody out there doesn’t really like Invision PowerBoard… today I saw fifth (yeah, that’s number 5) vulnerability patch for single release 2.1.5

People on IPS forums are screaming…

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Pool enclosures and links enclosures

One of the hidden stones you immediately hit while moving web sites from one platform to another is the numerous links that search systems store momentarily become obsolete. Of course there are ways to make old links point to same places but sometimes the construct like ?step=2 doesn’t really make any sense anymore… So what you do (especially if you moved from ColdFusion to PHP) is you just make all old links point to the first page and be content… for some time, until you discover that since old links don’t work and new links didn’t propagate yet the site is almost invisible in search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN and so on…

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Hosting, JavaScript, Chicago

First of all – I got rid of hoster that didn’t care to respond, clients found themselves a new home (I was loosing money on ASP hosting anyway) and everyone feels bad. Well, this is life, you get up and start all over again…

Great post on Blogspot by Chris Justus – he reverse-engineered Google’s JavaScript that takes care of Google Suggest… Very bright and interesting article…

Plans on the trip to Chicago are more real then I thought, hopefully I’ll fly there on a second week of January.