Stats, damn stats and lies.

While looking at this web site stats (and I can see many web sites stats) I can’t help but notice – the top search keyword turns out to have absolutely nothing to do with this blog. The search term is – SITCOMTV.COM. Apparently, the first result leads to the post on this very blog describing the work on sitcom community. This was my own personal idea and initiative, that people who like sitcoms (especially discontinued ones, like Cheers, Three’s Company, Married… With Children) would gather around the forum and share their experiences. The idea was mostly inspired by the work that fans of the Friends sitcom have done – there are numerous fanfic episodes with names ranging from mimicking originals (like The One With Ross And Rachel) to absolutely fantastic (The One Where Aliens Visit The Earth or something like that).

The initiative have failed so miserably, I didn’t even park the domain anywhere until today. I’d be lying to myself if I would say I have time to start-up the community again. After all, the Zealus’s own community is underway for way too long. I am, however, willing to sell the domain name (possibly with some hosting space on Netfirms, if you don’t know any better) for some considerable amount. Alternatively, I may consider some offer of investment to make me want to free up some time to start the community.

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Yahoo clicks aren`t clicking

Today I got a call from one of my clients asking me to check stats with him as he is seeing certain discrepancies in Overture reports. We went in and figured that the number of clicks reported by Overture roughly 3 times larger then what is being reported by AWstats. Upon contact, Yahoo/Overture issued a statement that basically says “your software is badwe know better”. Alright, we thought, and ventured to check on Google. The result was astonishing – the difference was 0.6%. Either Google is very good at serving ads that are traceable, or Yahoo/Overture isn’t being honest. Or both.


Survey and article

Having thought it all through, I think the subject of online credit card fraud deserves the specially written article. But before jumping the water, I think it would be worth to at least try to gather as much information as possible. So I set up a small survey, which I ask anyone who reads this blog to participate in. There are only 12 questions and it doesn’t take more then 5 minutes to fill out.

Here’s the URL:<deprecated>

Please, do not fill it more then once.

Thank you.