UPS Keeps It’s Image

We love UPS, don’t we? Last week I ordered something for my wife and the package got shipped by UPS. Guess what? UPS excels again. After I have missed the delivery for two times because I was working at the same time UPS delivers packages (sorry, my fault), I have called UPS to either arrange the pickup or ask them to deliver the package at a more convenient time.

That’s when the fun starts. In case you live in the UPS local center you should know that annoying female voice that reads all the voice prompts. I needed the customer service rep, but she insisted on choosing either to track a package or order shipments. Once you concede – she will read you the status of the package. Hm… let’s see… I know what the status is, that’s exactly why I am calling! Let’s try to ask for customer service again. “I can connect you, but this is the latest information on your package that we have“. Right, why else would I want to talk to the operator – to find out if UPS is hiding the status of the package. Black helicopters, anyone?

The operator was slow enough not to realize what exactly am I asking of him. Once he told me the UPS will call me to notify of the time I will be able to pick up the package I asked where would I be picking it up – at home or at local UPS? I asked this question no less than six times, only to be told that (these are actual responses to my question, I omitted repetitions only):

  • The UPS will call me
  • I will receive the call from UPS within an hour
  • I could be anywhere to receive the call
  • UPS drivers leave early in the morning before anyone else is up
  • all UPS drivers drive UPS trucks
  • UPS drivers come back to local station around 6 PM
  • the UPS will call me to arrange pickup

This guys is a genius, I think he’s a next UPS’s CEO. Too bad no one cares about UPS’s customer service for individuals.

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