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Radio Ga-Ga

One of the problems while dealing with clients – is the problem with clients that don’t know what they want.
A client I work with on initial drafts (in fact it’s a group of 6 people, most of them – women of various ages) has rejected six initial drafts – more or less original from my personal point of view. We have discussed the situation and decided to give a client an opportunity to express themselves in how they see their web site. In a less then a week (given we spent almost 3 weeks on all the drafts so far), in fact – over the weekend, they provided us with a black and white drawing with desired elements and layout. Obviously no one expected the work of art, that is understandable. But this…
Most of the pieces were pulled together from other web sites, no originality of any kind is present. Generally it looks like that Checkhov story, when a young girl, contemplating marriage, wanted to take nose from one man, add it to the face of second, add mustache of third, ears from fourth and so on.
Very strong resemblance, actually…