Live Tech Support – Click Here (Part 2 of the review)

Live Tech Support - Click Here (Part II of the review) - iStudioWeb.comThis is Part II of the review -see Live Tech Support – Click Here (Part I of the review).

Most of the live web site chat services look very generic. Don’t get me wrong, they all look different and unique, but when I look at their web site my experience of web developer tells me that the web site looks “generic”. Images, layout, the way the information is presented – everything looks “just like everybody else”. However, some companies are not doing it in the most efficient way. They either overwhelm a prospective customer with information or deprive of it, pushing the visitor to contact a sales person. While I don’t have an overall universal solution for this, I believe some of these services can get a better job done with their web sites.

With all that said – let’s continue with a review.

LiveChatInc – this web chat software provider offers various solutions for businesses of different sizes, leaning towards larger scale businesses. The company is selling various solutions (LiveChat Contact Center, LiveChat Communicator, LiveChat chat server) for businesses of various scales. While not the best solution for small business, their services still within affordable range at $33 per operator per month for LiveChat Contact Center license. There are some add-ons for LiveChat applications, like Microsoft CRM for Contact Center, MSN and ICQ protocol plug-ins and even Remote Desktop add-on.

WhosOn – all-around live web chat solution provider. Offers hosted, installable, dedicated server and ISP live web chat solutions. Hosted solution – most suitable for small business yet too expensive for any meaningful use – is priced from $45 per month per operator (with $30 per additional operator license). If you want to monitor additional web sites – that’s another $30 per month. Optional ability to change the chat window design will hit you with another $20 per month. For a small business to monitor 3 web sites with 3 concurrent operators the monthly cost would be $165, and that’s before customization cost.

WebSiteAlive – very customer-friendly live chat service. Even the cheapest plan allows unlimited web site monitoring and 2 concurrent operators at any time. The interface is web-based which is somewhat limiting, to my understanding. The real difference between the versions are the reporting features – Lite version of live help software is totally stripped of any reporting, PRO has about half of what PRO+ offers. Not sure it’s a good upselling technique, but I am no marketing department. Price varies from $29.95 per month for Lite with 2 operators licenses to $97.95 per month for PRO+ with 2 operators licenses. Additional operator license is only $9.95, which seems a better offer then competition.

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