Live Tech Support – Click Here (Part 4 of the review)

Live Tech Support - Click Here (Part 4 of the review) - istudioweb.comThis is a part 4 of the live help and live chat service providers. Previous parts can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

As we were observing various web site live chat service providers, it has inevitably come to our attention that the origin of the product has huge impact on the product itself. Even though almost all of these services mostly targeted to English-speaking audience. For example, one of the live chat services developed in Poland had really horrible English product description – like a textbook example of “how not to describe your product”. On the other hand, another live support service, originated in China, has vast amounts of information available with trial downloads and support options that even include Skype.

123LiveHelp – this provider of live support software targets small business owners of a somewhat larger size then mom and pop shops. Hosted solution starts at $50 per month per seat for text-only version and $150 per month per seat for text + video. Single owned license costs $599 for text-only version and text+video live chat license would be yours to own for a whopping $1599. Obviously you need a special need for a video feed, but if you do – this might be a solution for you.

MyWebChatLive – despite the poor outlook of the web site, this live help service claims to have a top-notch connectivity to tier 1 data centers. Not sure what that means, but in any case if you want to give it a shot – the pricing will encourage you to do so: 2 concurrent operators with all features enabled will set you off for only $17.95 with $2.95 for each additional operator. There is, of course, 30-days money back guarantee, free trial and other nice perks. What I liked about this service is that the desktop clients (again – Windows only) has that distinctive Vista/Office 2007 look. Among cons is the fact that service is configured for one web site only. Unfortunately, I was unable to test drive the service, since the live chat client download constantly timed out and the live support was – you guessed it! – unavailable.

(To be continued…)

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I am the lead engineer for mywebchatlive. This article was brought to our attention by one of our customers. Our website has changed since this article was written. It is not true that you can only have one site per account, in fact you can have as many as you like for the price of $19.99 a month. Our primary datacenter is Peer One. As I’m sure you already know Youtube and other big companies use Peer One for their infrastructure. The live chat client is second to none. We are so confident that people will like our software, we not only offer a 14 day free trial but a 30 day money back guarantee when you sign up. Our customer base has increased 300% in the last month. As you read through other posts, you will not see one bad comment regarding our company.

as you, being a lead engineer, might already know, things change quite fast in modern world.
Things represented in the article above were true at the time of the writing. If you or your marketing department feel like your service deserve a different view, an update or some other kind of mention – I’ll be happy to discuss terms and compensation.

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